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11 Signs Of Progress That Aren’t A Number On A Scale

by | Fat Loss, Motivation

I always tell my clients to never rely on the scale as a true measure of their progress.

Scales are so misleading and NEVER show you the full picture because they measure so many other things that fat loss.

They can ruin your day despite actually making great progress.

And can lead you to believe you aren’t making progress when you really are.

So here are some much BETTER ways to know if you’re on the right track:

1 – Your clothes fit better

2 – Other people notice your transformation

3 – You have more energy

4 – Your feel stronger and have more muscle tone

5 – You’re staying on track with your workouts or nutrition…you’re taking consistent action

6 – You’ve made fitness & healthy living a part of your identity or who you are

7 – You can do more and are less winded

8 – Your joints don’t hurt as much

9 – Your blood work & health markers have improved

10 – You’re sleeping better

11 – You’re in a better mood and can handle stress better

So what about you?

What measure of progress could you get excited about?

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