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3 Tips to Make Fitness Stick

by | Motivation

I’m off to a yoga class in a few minutes but before I go I wanted to share some of my top tips for sticking to a workout routine.

See sometimes I think it’s easy to overcomplicate it….thinking you have to workout for an hour, or you have to do activities you hate in order to get fit. But this just isn’t the case.

To make your workout stick try this:

1) Make your workouts shorter.

Yes, you heard me right. If you’re having trouble being consistent, try working out for LESS time. A shorter workout more often is going to be better than one you never do.

And actually, when you really push and challenge yourself you often can even get more out of the workouts. That’s why all the workouts we do inside the Foxy Body Club are 20 minutes or less!

2) Find things you enjoy.

I love yoga and foam rolling. I’m not a huge fan of running, but don’t mind the occasional sprints if I am going to run. I love to walk. I love to use dumbbells, bands, and kettlebells for strength training. I like short workouts rather than spending all day in the gym. I like to be goofy and dance around the house.

Find things you enjoy. Don’t do things because you “feel like you have to”…in the long run you just won’t stick to it them! There’s so many different ways to get fit and stay active so find what works for you!

3) Enlist social support.

Surround yourself with others that motivate you. It could be a friend or a group of women like we have inside the Foxy Body Club. Wherever you can get motivation from others who want to see you be successful and push you when you need it can go A LONG way in keeping you on track!

Doing it alone makes it easy to give up when things get rough so enlist that support team.

And on the other hand stay away from the nay-sayers who will just put you down and crush your confidence. Avoid those people as much as possible.

So what’s one of these you can implement today? Or have already and are having success with?

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