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5 Simple Steps to Stay Motivated To Workout & Eat Healthy

by | Motivation

One of the biggest roadblocks I hear to staying on track with fitness and nutrition is lack of motivation.

But here’s the thing…

Motivation is a feeling.

It comes and goes.

You’re not always going to feel motivated to make the healthiest choices; however, there are things you can do to make staying on track easier and require less motivation or willpower.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Take Benjamin’s Advice

You may have heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote  “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!”

This couldn’t be more true when it comes to health and fitness.

For instance, if you don’t plan or prep dinner ahead of time it’s SOOO much easier to just grab a pizza on the way home from work.

When you’re tired and hungry, the last thing you’re going to want to do is cook a healthy meal…heck, you probably don’t even want to think about a healthy meal.

So, set yourself up for success by making the hard decisions when it’s easier.

Not after those long, tiring days.

Take some time on the weekend or the night before to plan your meals or plan your workout schedule.

I promise, it’ll be worth it.

2. What’s On Your Calendar Gets Done

If you have an appointment for the doctor at 10 am do you show up?

How about for work at 8 am?

Or school drop off at 7 am?

I hope the answer is yes.

Do you necessarily WANT to do all these things?

Maybe not.

But you do them anyway.

That’s because having a scheduled appointment you are committed to keeps you on track and you follow through!

It’s no different with say exercise.

By putting your workout on the calendar and sticking to it like it’s an important appointment you’re more likely to show up and make it happen.

If you just leave it up to chance, things will come up, life will get busy, and your workout will get pushed till tomorrow…yet again!

So make that appointment with yourself!

3. Challenges Are Just Speed Bumps

If I were to give you one piece of advice to staying motivated and on track it would be don’t give up!

Many people at the first sign of an obstacle will beat themselves up and give up.

So what if you were super stressed and ate half a bag of Oreos.

Who hasn’t

Shit is going to happen.

We’re going to make mistakes.

Life is going to happen.

Just know that’s the way it goes.

It’s just a speed bump so don’t look at it like a stop sign.

Instead keep rolling on, ok?

4. Pat Yourself on the Back

Why do we celebrate? Cause it feels good.

And guess what?

When we feel good we’re likely to do more of what made us feel good in the first place!

That’s why it’s important to celebrate all of your successes.

Yes, even the tiny ones….

…putting a handful of spinach in your smoothie

…saying no to the cookie in the break room

…or getting in that early morning workout when the bed looked so comf

These are ALL reasons to celebrate.

You don’t have to wait until something big happens.

Celebrating these small successes leaves you feeling accomplished and gets you excited about making more healthy choices.

And when you feel good you’re more likely to keep going!

5. Small Steps Adds Up

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is feeling like they have to go all-in with their diet or workout plan.

But let’s get real.

How often does that usually last?

Maybe a few days or a few weeks

But trying to do everything at once is too overwhelming and too hard to stick to in the long run.

So when you have a crazy busy or stressful day it all falls to the wayside until we muster up enough energy to start the next big plan all over again.

So a few pounds come off initially, but then you’re left gaining it all back plus a few extra pounds in the long-run.

It’s a frustrating cycle that gets you nowhere.

So, I know you’re wondering, what DOES work?

It’s making small sustainable changes.

Small changes that are easy to implement and that become a habit so overtime they become simple and just a part of your lifestyle!

I know small changes aren’t as sexy as that cool new diet out there.

But they work.

And over-time they really add up to some BIG changes!

So I’m curious, what helps keep you motivated?

Be sure to share in a comment below.

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    • Becky Fox

      Love that Stefanie!! Where does the determination come from?

  1. Janet Connelly

    I loved this! Everything about what you said was spot on. I plan on sharing this with my husband, hopefully we can get on track together. Being over 50 is hard especially when I have such bad knees. Walking is difficult, after I walk I am in terrible pain. I also have bad restless leg syndrome.

    • Becky Fox

      Thanks so much Janet!! What a great way to get some support by doing it together!!


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