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Drop 10 to 15 lbs that NEVER Comes Back

Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before and It Didn’t Stick…

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Hi! Becky here…

I’m thrilled you decided to stop by!

Here’s what’s happening…

Starting September 19th virtually and over Zoom…

I’m inviting a group of ladies to take back control of their food, their hunger, and their bodies without needing to live by strict meal plans…

And without being held hostage by a scale, eating boring bland food, or the wheels falling off every time they go out with friends or family.

We’re doing this all inside the 6-Week Forever Fat Loss Formula 2.0…

As a BONUS ladies will be joining me on LIVE calls each week where they get to submit their most burning questions while being supported in our amazing community.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll discover…

DROP the diets, gimmicks, and stress of figuring out what works

Lose the weight for good

Week One

Time Saving Nutrition Plan Part 1 – Know WHEN To Eat for Maximum Fat Loss

We’ll simplify when to eat…

Imagine a train going full steam ahead…WITHOUT being on any tracks!

You can imagine that would get messy quickly.

Well, the same thing is true for women who go throughout the day without a plan on how to handle food choices. They end up skipping meals, grazing all day long on processed foods that don’t fill them up, or worse…

…they undereat early in the morning but binge later at night because they didn’t have enough food to begin with and are ravenous!

So in week 1: I’m going to answer the tough questions:

“Becky, should I eat in the morning? Or will eating late at night cause me to gain more weight?…”

“Are you going to tell me to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day? That’s so overwhelming…

And if not, how often should I be actually eating for best results?…”

In week one I’ll share a plan for when to eat to ensure you get maximum fat loss that stays off…

…and so you get the nutrients you need so you feel “full” without needing to always “munch” on something throughout the day.

Ladies will also discover the top two MENTAL BLOCKS that hold them back and keeps them stuck – And the key to staying consistent and not letting roadblocks get in their way.

In Week 1, I’ll also reveal how they can make “falling off track’ a thing of the past. They’ll find it freeing that they’re spending less time and energy planning and creating healthier meals and instead, feel more prepared for when life throws curve balls at them! Without needing strict meal plans!

Week Two

Time Saving Nutrition Plan Part 2 – Simplify WHAT To Eat

Trying to follow 100’s of diet rules is OVERWHELMING! In week two, we’re going to LASER IN on feeding the body the right KIND and BALANCE of foods it needs to begin to level off the healthy hormones (which helps kill cravings).

We aren’t restricting food groups or giving anyone strict lists of foods to eat.

It’s flexible around YOUR preferences and needs!

We’ll simplify what to eat in a way that’s simple, easy, and saves time so ladies won’t have to spend half their day counting calories, weighing portions, or spend all day long on their phone logging every bite of food in an app.

AND they can take this formula with them anywhere (on vacation, to parties, or out to dinner so they can still enjoy their life while staying on track with their goals).

In Week 2, ladies will discover they have free time for the things that are most important to them, like reading, crafting, going for a hike or walk, or sitting in quiet and listening to the birds. As well as spending time with the family, grandkids, or the hubby…because they aren’t spending so much time measuring, weighing, or counting calories!

Week Three

Calorie Counting Hack

Counting calories is A LOT of work and it’s not always accurate. So many plans out there underestimate what women need and it creates an impossible storm of hunger, cravings, and low energy making it impossible to stick to the plan over the long haul.

With my simple 2-Step HUNGER HACK ladies will never have to count calories again and they’ll know EXACTLY what their body needs to drop the pounds without having to starve themselves or force down another plate of plain chicken and broccoli!

Key to Lasting Motivation – They’ll also discover a little unknown secret to staying motivated and consistent without relying on constant willpower.

In Week 3, by giving their body what it truly needs to thrive, ladies will notice they have energy, their mood is OPTIMISTIC, and it paints their entire day brighter without guzzling coffee throughout the day, eating sweets, or crashing on the couch after work with an empty tank.

Week Four and Five

Favorite Foods Formula

So many women have tried giving up their favorite foods…only to have it backfire with late-night binges or off-the-rails weekend free for alls.

Giving up their favorite foods is a recipe for disaster and one that keeps women on the endless loop of restriction & deprivation followed by overeating, only to start over again on Monday for the millionth time.

I’m sharing how to HOP off this endless cycle for good so ladies can drop the weight and still enjoy their favorite foods like – wine, cheese, sweets, chips, cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos…you name it. No foods are off the list and I’ll show them exactly how to incorporate them so they drop the pounds while never feeling deprived again!

Weeks 4 & 5 will show ladies how to feel in control around food for the first time, the hold it has on them will be lifted! They’ll notice a sense of satisfaction with their healthy foods and start looking forward to them. They’ll also start to notice those pants feeling looser!

Week Six

Master Your Metabolism

Ladies are not doomed to a slow metabolism once they hit 40!

Up to week 6, ladies will have gotten the exact blueprint for fitness and food for a faster burning metabolism but without these pieces that most diet plans leave out, women may find themselves struggling to drop the pounds still.

Fitness and food are only PART of the equation when it comes to boosting your metabolism and melting off the pounds.

In Week 6, we’re going to kick the process of HEALING the metabolism into high gear so ladies can burn off FAT faster and more EFFICIENTLY for good.

Ladies, will fit into those smaller size pants and drop 10-15 lbs without ever having to worry if it will come back. Friends and family will notice the changes they’re making. And their compliments will put an extra pep in their step.

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