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Client Spotlight: Beth Cizmar – “I’m down 21 pounds and 7 inches!”

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Before starting at BFF, Beth was in a very similar situation to many of the women I talk to.

She had been on and off many different diets.

Your classic yo-yo dieter who found it hard to stick to anything….and who could never maintain the results.

On the exercise side of things, she was nervous about starting something new.

Her usual not-so-consistent routine consisted of walking on the treadmill while watching Netflix…

…all the while knowing she really wasn’t working as hard as she needed to.

And she really wasn’t sure if she could get up to be to the workouts at 5:30am but it was the only time that worked in her schedule.

So when a friend of hers urged her to give a try, Beth decided to give it a go and has ended up becoming one of our amazing success stories (and is still going strong!)

Since starting at BFF, Beth has lost 21 pounds and 7.25 inches! Her scrubs fit better and she can finally fit back into her jeans!

One of her biggest hurdles she had to overcome was food prep.

Before, Beth was always grabbing stuff on-the-go for her and her family, whether that was stopping at Panera or grabbing something quick from Market Basket.

Quick-and-easy or last minute was her thing.

But we all know convenience isn’t always the healthiest.

By utilizing our easy-to-follow meal plans and grocery lists, she’s finally been able to stay on track and has been consistently prepping her meals each week!

But she hasn’t just been crushing her meal prep.

Beth hasn’t missed a class since starting. She’s stayed consistent since Day 1 and attributes this to the accountability and positive and supportive community.

She’s noticeably stronger too.

For instance; she could only hold a plank for 20 seconds when starting and just the other day held it for a whole minute!

She now feels like she’s created a lifestyle out of exercise and healthy eating and has even noticed a huge increase in her energy levels. She has been able to cut way back on the coffee.

And the best part is she’s only getting started on her journey 😉

We are so proud of her dedication, consistency, and amazing progress!

Congrats Beth!!

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