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Client Spotlight: Briana Lucas- “I’m happier, more energized, more confident and less jiggly!”

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Nine months ago Briana wasn’t in a good place.

After having 3 children she was suffering from postpartum depression and just didn’t have the energy to keep up with her kids or the chores of daily life, let alone put herself first.

Like most moms she put her health and fitness on the backburner.

She would then feel guilty and beat herself up, only to end up feeling worse.

She was on medication to help manage it all but it was making her feel numb.

Briana knew she needed to do something different to be healthy, not just for herself, but for her kids too.

Enough was enough.

That’s when she decided to make a change to start working out and eat better.

She really wasn’t a fan of getting up early but she knew that attending a consistent 5:30 am workout would work the best in her schedule, all the while secretly thinking that she would really be able to follow through.

But that wasn’t the case at all!

Nine months later Briana is still going strong!

By staying consistent with her workouts, cutting back on sugar, and getting lots of motivation and support from other women just like herself she’s…

…happier, stronger, less jiggly and more confident!

…almost off all her meds now and notices she’s so much less stressed.

…can handle her kids better and keep up with them.

…can slow down to think about things more clearly before she reacts.

…always notices she feels better on days she comes in for a workout and actually looks forward to coming in for her workouts!

And even when her dad died in January she was able to take some a few days off but then get right back on track when she was ready.

In the past she would have just dropped off when she needed her health and fitness the most, but the positivity and support of the other women helped her get right back on track and keep going even when it was tough.

And because of that support, she’s more consistent now than she has been in 10 years!

I truly believes that when we take care of ourselves we can take care of others so sometimes it’s ok to put ourselves first – it’s necessary!

And she did just that and because of it is making some amazing progress!

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