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Client Spotlight: How Pam Comeau Ran Her First 5K

by | Motivation, Success Stories

Pam always wanted to do a 5k but never had the motivation to do one in the past.

A 5k is not an easy goal and can be intimidating, especially when you’ve never ran one before.

So when her daughter, encouraged her to join she decided it was time – she would give it a go.

What did she have to lose?

Pam also knew it would be a great way to spend time with and support her daughter.

So she set a goal simply to complete the race.

Her time didn’t matter, her plan was to try and keep running without stopping.

And guess what?! She did just that!!

She completed the 5K, all without walking, for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Pam was overwhelmed when she first finished the 5k but that quickly turned into excitement when she realized, “I Did It!!”

She had pushed past the discomfort to reach a new goal and was successful. She did something she couldn’t do before!

That’s a great feeling and a great accomplishment!

So what made the difference? What helped her try something so challenging without a second thought?

First, it was consistency.

By being consistent with her workouts over the last few months at BFF she was able to build up the stamina to be successful.

If she hadn’t been working out she knew she wouldn’t be able to accomplish a goal like this.

Second, was motivation and encouragement.

Pam mentioned that the weekly words of encouragement have really helped her to make changes to her life and mindset to help her be her best self and push through barriers she couldn’t before.

And that’s exactly what she did.

We are so proud of you Pam! Your accomplishments are inspiring!

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