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How Kristi Dropped 4 Pants Sizes And Boosted Her Confidence

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By slowly implementing these various aspects of fat loss, overtime you’ll be on your way to a fitter, leaner, more confident you!

Do you have to do them all at once?

Absolutely not! Take it slow.

One step at a time!

Here we go…

When the doctor tells you that you need to start exercising and you’re not sure where to start it can be scary.

Kristi had tried other weight loss programs but always found it hard to stay motivated and on track and with mounting health issues she knew it was time to start taking care of herself again.

And that she did!

Since then Kristi has lost 20 pounds and she’s fitting back into clothes that are 4 sizes smaller…outfits she had put away because they were too small.

But it’s not just the physical benefits that Kristi has noticed. 

She’s finding her mood is much better. She doesn’t feel depressed or anxious like she used to and even stress doesn’t bother her as much. 

She has more confidence and more energy and others in her family are taking notice.

Even her daughter has told her how proud of her she is!

And her biggest catalyst for change?

“I’ve been taking a lot of little steps and implementing them. I also have a new understanding for what I put in my body.”

For Kristi, it wasn’t about trying the latest trend or fad.

She knew she needed something that would stick along with some extra motivation and encouragement to get to her goals.

By simply taking consistent action and small steps in a way that works for her life not only is she down 20 pounds and 4 pants sizes, but she’s still continuing to work toward new goals!


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