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Client Spotlight: How Melissa Lost 35 pounds and 14 inches!

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A year ago, Melissa, was taking care of everyone else but herself. Extra weight had crept on over the years of focusing on her kids and her family.  She was trying to be positive and hide it, but deep down she wasn’t happy with herself or the weight she put on.

So once the kids went back to school she knew it was time to start taking care of herself. That if she really wanted to take care of everyone else she needed to start putting herself first.

One of the first steps was getting back into a workout routine. It was easy to make excuses and she often felt too tired to get in her workouts. 

Plus there was no accountability or support so she really struggled to stay on track.

Now she’s consistently showing up 2-3 days per week for her workouts and staying active on the other days.

Because of her consistency over the last year, she can do little things like run up a hill with her son in the backyard which she couldn’t do before. Or join in fun outdoor activities with her family. 

She has the energy and enjoys these family activities more! 

She’s also made some major changes to her diet. It’s definitely been a process but by making small changes over time she’s eating better and skipping her usual Thursday beer and pizza night.

“I don’t but the junk anymore and I don’t really miss it!”

And she’s even been able to get her family on board…well at least on board a lot more. They are all still learning together 😉

The biggest changes she noticed isn’t just losing 35 pounds and 14 ¼” inches but that she feels more confident and her clothes fit better. 

She recently donated 4 garbage bags of clothes! Her clothes fit better, her shoes fit better, even her jewelry fits better.

She’s definitely made a huge transformation we’re proud of.

And when asked what made the biggest difference her response was, 

“The atmosphere. The support and being in a group of amazing women who are on the same journey together really makes a difference. And the staff is great. They are always there to help and answer questions. They’re there for you.”

Melissa’s advice to anyone looking to get started would be, “Never give up! It does work when you do the work!”

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