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Client Spotlight: Maria McWade – “I can stick to eating one cookie, enjoy it, and not feel guilty!!”

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In September 2018, Maria McWade spent the summer like many of us do…indulging in treats and BBQ’s.

It was fun while it lasted, but as fall drew in she began to notice she wasn’t feeling all that great physically and knew something had to change.

She was thinking of starting yoga, but knew that wasn’t going to give her the accountability, personalization, or structure she would need to reach her goals.

That’s when she decided to join Becky Fox Fitness.

Although, being unsure at first, she stayed consistent.

At first, she hit a few speed bumps…

…getting sick for a few weeks shortly after joining, but then noticed something she had never felt before…

…a feeling of actually missing her workouts!
And this was especially a big deal being someone that doesn’t like to sweat and didn’t really enjoy cardio before.

She couldn’t wait to get back at it and she’s been crushing it ever since…holding planks for over a minute and really pushing herself instead of taking the easy route.

Exercises and challenge she didn’t know she could do!

And since starting, she’s noticed a tighter stomach and she can more comfortably wear what she wants without having to worry how it fits.

Maria even recently told her husband:

“I feel stronger! Not so flabby anymore!”

And on her recent trip to Spain, she was able to keep up with 15,000 steps a day without getting completely winded!”

That’s some major accomplishments in just a few short months!

But the biggest accomplishment, according to Maria, is how she’s changed her diet and her mindset around nutrition.

In the past, she would hop from diet to diet, pretty much having tried everything.

She would have some success, losing the weight, only to gain it all back.

While she enjoyed the instant results, the results never lasted and she would only end up more frustrated in the long run.

Now she finds it much easier to make cleaner food choices and actually enjoys it. All without having to do anything extreme.

She’s learned how to focus on small changes that stick instead of having the all-or-nothing attitude that doesn’t really work in the long run.

 “I can stick to eating one cookie, enjoy it, and not feel guilty!!”

Her mindset has totally shifted which has allowed her to get consistent and steady results and stick to the plan without wavering!

Something that’s not easy, but with the right support and guidance is 100% possible!

Congrats Maria!

We are super proud of your accomplishments!!!

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