Your questions about weight loss answered

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In this series, I’m going to answer some of the top burning questions I get from women who often feel stuck on their weight loss journey. It’s time to dispel the diet and fitness myths that are keeping women stuck on the yo-yo cycle so they can finally fit back into those cute clothes in the back of their closet!

Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau

Feel like you’re doing everything right, but hit a plateau with your weight loss?

This is a common challenge I see with so many women. They’re trucking along, making steady progress and out of nowhere everything seems to come to a screeching halt.

What possibly could be going on? Watch this video where I share with you what’s really going on.

The Best Exercise for Fat Loss

What’s the best exercise for fat loss? Is it sweating away to cardio? Is it doing a special ab exercise every day to burn off that belly fat?

The truth is, it’s actually neither. That’s why in this video I’m going to share with you what you should be focusing on to burn maximum fat and kick that metabolism into high gear.

Counting Calories & Logging Food

If you’ve ever tried logging your food, calories, macros and all that to drop the lbs then you know it can often feel like a part-time job.

And when life gets busy, logging is one of the first things that fall to the wayside, along with any weight loss progress. If you can relate, then I have some good news for you, so be sure to watch this video.

The Truth About Weight Loss & The Scale

You’re on track. You’ve been eating really good all week and getting in your workouts and you’re on top of the world. That is until you step on the scale and it shows that you actually gained a pound instead of losing it! Join me in this video where I share with you what’s really going on, so that scale doesn’t ever have to derail your progress again!

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