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What I Learned From My Failure Story

by | Fat Loss, Fitness

A few weeks in I was really struggling.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so hungry and exhausted all the time.

Turns out the plan was so wrong for my body, metabolism, and just lifestyle in general.

The calories were lower than what my body needed JUST to function properly (like make my heart and digestion work).

It was way too restrictive and depriving.

So it’s no wonder I was starving all the time and had no energy.

I did stick it out and it “worked”.

I got lean for the show….

…however, I ended up binging on a box of Oreos afterwards and went on to gain all the weight back (plus some extra) the few months following.

I even attempted to do a few more shows but never followed through because I couldn’t stick to the extreme diet.

So what seemed like a success quickly turned into a failure.

But here’s the thing…

#1) Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

#2) Just because you get lean doesn’t mean you’ll stay there without a plan that you can stick to long term.

#3) And blindly following a plan without considering if it works for your body and lifestyle is the quickest way to failure.

Everyone is different.

What you may need is different so be realistic with yourself and what will work for you!

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