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What’s better…Shorter or longer workouts?

by | Motivation

Finding time to workout is tough.

Back when I used to compete in fitness or trained for a half marathon, I would spend hours a day working out.

It wasn’t realistic and so as soon as the competition or race was over, the amount of time I spent working out quickly dwindled away.

And often I wouldn’t even bother because my mentality was:

“If I can’t get my 1-2 hour workout in then what’s the point!”

I was so wrong!

So here’s the good news…

You don’t have to spend hours a day working out!

Actually, you shouldn’t!

Not only can long workouts keep you from losing weight, but they can…

…raise stress levels

…leave you feeling hungrier

…and zap your energy levels.

It took me a long time to put this idea of shorter workouts into play.

It’s not an easy flip to switch when you’ve been told for years that ‘more is better’.

But research has repeatedly shown that longer duration workouts can actually be what’s keeping you stuck!!

And looking back, that’s probably why I didn’t lose a single pound training for a half marathon back in the day. 🙁


Shorter, more intense workouts have been scientifically shown to get better results…

…and I’ve seen it work for 100’s of clients over the years.

Those short, intense workouts WILL be worth it and get better results than you expect while saving you TONS of time.

I rarely workout for longer than 20-30 minutes (and even including the oh-so-important warm-up and cool-down I generally don’t go any longer than 45 minutes at the most)…

…well except for fun stuff like hiking or dancing but that’s only because I love to do it and I’m also not trying to crush myself when I do those activities!

Sometimes less is just better and a short workout is always better than no workout 😉

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