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How To Stay Motivated: Find Your Why

by | Motivation

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series helping you to create and stick with your goals. Be sure to start with Part 1: How To Set Goals That Stick  so you have goals to use in this exercise and then continue on to Part 3: Overcoming Obstacles To Stay On Track after finishing this article.

How often have you set goals only to find yourself lacking the motivation to continue?

Probably more times than you can count.

But here’s the thing.

Motivation isn’t something you’ll always have. Sometimes you gotta dig for it from within.

So how do you do that?  You…

Find Your WHY!

See if you don’t have a truly compelling reason to do something, a deeper motivation, it’s going to be easy to give in or give up at the first signs of temptation.

When you’re feeling tired…

When you’re feeling stressed…

When grabbing that cookie seems more exciting than eating a salad.

But when you have a deeply motivating reason to continue, something to truly drive you, reaching that goal won’t seem so challenging and giving up won’t be an option.

So, how do you find this motivation, this why?

Here’s the exact 2 step process:

#1. Write down your goal.

#2. Then ask yourself:





And one last time…Why?”

You’re digging to uncover why you REALLY want to reach that goal.

And yes, that’s 5 times (or more).

No typo here…

Why MUST you achieve this goal?

It’s rarely the first answer you give like wanting to “lose weight” or “be healthier”.

No, that surface stuff isn’t going to fire you up or keep you motivated when those challenges and struggles start coming your way.

So you’ve got to keep digging…

…why do you want to lose weight or be healthier?

Because you want to look better.

Ok, well why do you want to look better?

So, you can feel more confident.

Ok, that’s great, but why do you want to feel more confident?

So, you don’t have to be ashamed about how you look and feel.

Ok, so why don’t you want to be ashamed about how you look and feel?

Because it’s keeping you from asking for that promotion at work. You don’t feel good about yourself. You really want the job that opened up, but your lack of confidence is holding you back.

Now, this is getting real!!!

And probably a little emotional too. As it should.

So you’ve got to keep going –  at least 5 Why’s deep.

When you start digging, the REAL deep truth will  come out:

You’ll find that you’re tired of being embarrassed because you’re the “fat” friend so you avoid going out and now feel lonely everytime you’re sitting at home on a Friday night…

…or that you’re afraid you’re no longer attractive and sexy to your husband or boyfriend. Afraid that they may not feel the same about you anymore and what you really want is for him to look at you the same way he once did.

Or that you won’t be able to keep up with your kids or be there for them the way you would like as you get older and so getting in shape is about being there for the kids.

You may be terrified of ending up like your parents, who are now sick and living a lower quality of life so what you really want is to be healthy and fit as you age so you can live the life you want.

You may find that your lack of confidence is keeping you from the life you want…

…from asking for a  promotion, hanging out with friends, or pursuing your dreams.

Or maybe you’re just sick and tired with how you feel or your lack of energy and how it’s affecting your daily life!

These are real reasons, from real clients who have struggled like you to stay on track.

Ones that kept them motivated and made it easier to stay on track and say no to temptations that weren’t in line with their goals.

So what is your why?

Why MUST you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY reach your goal?

Once you uncover your why, write it down on a notecard and take it with you everywhere you go.

When you’re tempted to fall off track, simply pull out this card and remind yourself of why you must push past the temptation and keep taking steps to be a better you.

Motivation comes from knowing the life we really want to live and why that’s important to you.

Once you’ve found your Why, head over to this article to come up with a plan for dealing with obstacles and challenges.

Once you find your Why, move onto Part 3: Overcoming Obstacles To Stay On Track to find out how to face challenges and obstacles head on! Just click here to get started.

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