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Yes, You Can Eat Cake and Lose Weight!

by | Fat Loss

Yesterday was my birthday and I totally chowed down on a giant piece of chocolate cake 😉


And it was delicious!

It’s important to take time to celebrate days like this…your birthday or other big holidays… without worrying about every little thing that goes in your mouth.

Let loose and just enjoy the day and time spent with friends or family without feeling guilty.

Life isn’t meant to be a constant deprivation.

So instead, if you focus on making the best choices 80% of the time you can allow yourself to enjoy foods that aren’t exactly on your “healthy food list” the other 20% of the time. AND the awesome thing is you’ll still get amazing results!


Because you’re actually MORE likely to stick to your plan and binge less often than if you’re constantly trying to deprive yourself.

I know it’s what keeps me sane and on track because I always know I will GET to have these foods. When I tell myself I can’t have something I just want it even more! 😉

The most important part is to not let that one meal or day turn into a week, month, or a year.

Have your cake, enjoy the crap out of it, and just get back on track with the next meal or the next day.

Just like eating a bowl of spinach doesn’t make you healthy, eating some cake every now and then isn’t going to make you fat. It’s what you do MOST of the time that counts!

You go this 😉

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