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You’re So Much More Than A Number On A Scale

by | Motivation

Ever wake up to have a scale ruin your day?

“I’m up a pound today – what is wrong with me?”

“I’ll be happy when I lose ___ pounds.”

“Ugh, the scale barely moved. Why even bother?”

But why do we let the scale influence our lives so much?


As if our happiness and worth is tied to a number. It tells us if we’re good or bad, worthy or unworthy.

But this is all a lie!


You are an amazing mom, friend, or spouse. An excellent business woman or employee.

You are someone who gives a lot and matters to others.

And if you’ve been working hard toward a health and fitness goal…

…your dedication, consistency, and commitment are a HUGE deal. Something that the scale may not always reflect!

The lie is that the number on the scale matters.

That it’s somehow a measure of our worth.

That it’s the ONLY way to show our progress or how far we’ve come on our journey.

But it’s not.

This response to the scale is something we learned, but it’s not something we have to continue.

It doesn’t have to define us.

It doesn’t have to crush us.

If you choose not to let it.

Because you are so much more!!

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