Embark on a Genuine Fat Loss and Fitness Lifestyle Transformation that Will Last!

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I’m Becky Fox

The problem with many diets is they treat fat loss like a one-and-done destination. If the journey has an end date, so will your results. That is why I help women over 40 heal their metabolism, hormones, relationship with food, and themselves — Without going on another restrictive diet plan or doing hours of exhaustive, painful exercises. Allowing them to create a fat-loss and fitness transformation that will last.


I struggled for years

For years I would do restrictive dieting. Working out 2-3 hours a day to get the perfect body.

I tried it all. 

✓ Low carb ✓ Low fat ✓ No sugar ✓ Flavorless meals ✓ Counting calories.

You name it, I probably tried it.

While these things often worked in the short run, the results never lasted. 

I started researching and studying strategies beyond restrictive diets. I dove into the psychology of how to eat and not just what to eat. Uncovering fat loss methods that were sustainable and long-lasting.

It let me to develop a method of eating and working out that was simple, sustainable, and enjoyable. A method I’m going to share with you, right here, today.

Kick the pounds to the curb, for good this time

— without dieting or restricting foods!

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Others have done it…
…so can you!

I’ve helped over a 1000+ women create a genuine, lasting health and fitness transformation. I’m here to help you achieve the same results and even more.



“Just found 2 pair of jeans that I put away because they were too small, and what do you know they fit now!! I am so freakin excited!”



“My doctor gave me a thumbs up. My triglycerides and cholesterol are normal again! And I put on clothes from last year and they’re all too big!”



“I just wanted to share my side by side! OMG!! I’ll be 42 in a couple months and I’ve never felt better or more confident.”

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